The traditional approach of “push” marketing works well in the early stages of a business, “Pull” marketing occurs throughout the lifespan of an operation, becoming more productive as you’re able to influence your brand and positive word-of-mouth to draw more business.

Still, it is very challenging to thrive in marketing yourself, your product or service or your brand without the mix of push and pull marketing.

When to push

Many businesses evade this kind of in-person marketing, favoring to “push” their product/ service using third-party advertising ways. Such as TV, radio, newspaper, and traditional signage.

Working with influencers is another option, one that has become much more worthwhile than ever before. However, no matter what method you pick up, it’s required to combine all the push messaging with a general ask.

Booming will create a pull effect, shifting you from an offensive style to the defensive side of marketing.

The power of pulling

Anyone have the option of using the “ask and attract” methodology to pull in new business, it doesn’t have to be offensive. You can choose yourself, product, service or relationships through pull strategy.

If you ask questions it will bring you relationships that will allow you to provide value. The key is to know where to send your leads once you “pull” them in. Keep the “buckets” in place, splitting your leads into categories for each business units.

Content as an attractor

Once your brand is reputable, you can focus on using content to build a brand that vibrates with the target market.

Being active on social media, create a blog and owning podcast are some of the best ways to earn customers.

Push, pull, no bull

Whatever path you choose to take, put a strong intention on it. Without quitting, work on every day to improve the marketing method. Make adjustments as needed so that your push marketing efforts are as effective and efficient as possible.

Have a positive pursuit of your potential in pulling people toward you. Keep an open mind to happen that perhaps you hadn’t even counted on. Soon enough, you will be defensive, focusing on “pulling” your way only the ultimate, valuable clients.

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