The new innovations advertising platforms, unlikely it all begin with “A.”: Amazon, Audiences and Automation.


Amazon has already become the 3rd largest digital ad publisher beyond Google and Facebook. For those who haven’t yet into Amazon advertising, it’s time to explore the self-service of Amazon. The best place to start the ads is the Sponsored Products, which appears in Amazon organic search too. For the visibility, trends and seasonality adaptation are included. And of course, they provide dedicated support whoever needed.


To address the audience, marketers need to think strategically without unavoidably.  The effective tactic to win customer centric marketing; is by focusing on the right person, at the right time, with the right message. Refining an audience approach can move beyond the all-too-common channel-approach that limits in campaigns. Google and Bing already have made enhancements in this area.  The Microsoft’s premium properties of MSN, Outlook and Microsoft Edge advertisers can target these audiences.


Marketing automation tools aids to increase revenues and maximize the efficiency. Also it eliminates tedious tasks to focus on strategic growth for their clientele. Example as bidding automation has been adopted by most marketers at today. Also, Google has automated feeds for Shopping campaigns and Hotel campaigns that simplify management and optimization. Also, smart campaigns designed for small businesses to focus on easy management.

By adapting to these trends and tactics, digital marketers can cater happy clients with budgets flowing.

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