If you have an idea to sell “high-ticket” items, you need to alter your tune because what used to work won’t fit in to the future.

if you keep doing selling high-ticket items like one-on-one coaching, training programs or consultancy that won’t be work much better. Therefore, as an alternative introduce “Relevancy Funnel” system.

To create it this is the way.

  1. Focus on your slow lane.

It’s not to say that those on your sidewalk and fast lane are not important, because they are. But, supposing you have a limited budget, you should focus on those where you can have maximum impact. These people are usually in their slow lane, especially when they sell a high-ticket item.

But why? Because these people understand they have a issue, but they do not yet understand the methodology or the process that leads them from pain to redemption. Therefore, assuming you have a proven process that will solve your problem, you will quickly become an authoritarian figure that you trust.

Reaching this is easier than you think and start keeping your message simple.

  1. Create a simple guide.

Those in your slow lane are willing to consume something deeper than those on your sidewalk. The purpose is to present the problem and remind them of their pain, so they are desperate to find the answer. After this, share the tried and tested process that you use and, literally, give your methodology.

By giving it this for free, show them what life would be like if they could only overwhelmed their problem. And since this is a simple guide, keep your attention. No challenges, no webinars, no hassle it’s just a simple guide that shows you what to do, and if you need more help, it can help you.

  1. Get them on a phone call.

When you trade a high-ticket item, your goal should be to do it on the phone (with you or your seller). However, it is possible that this does not happen immediately. In fact, you do not want it to happen immediately, because if you are ready to give what you want, show your desperation. And these types of people tend to be the worst kind of customer.

Therefore, if they do not perform an immediate conversion, continue to redirect them and send them a message (Emails, Facebook ads, videos, etc.) where you turn it in to successful case studies. Let them see that this process works for all.

  1. Focus on the invisible ROI

Selling a high ticket item that needs both your investment and theirs which you want to be the “right” customer. You want people who will become supporters and future case studies. But, these types of customer don’t just appear because you need to earn their trust.

Invite them into a social media network and keep retargeting them so you become ubiquitous.

In time, you will grab their attention and become the one who offers the only solution to their problem. The trade-off here is takes time, but the ROI is huge because the more someone believes you, the more they will spend on you. This is the right way of selling your high-ticket items.

You need to become omnipresent and to be relevant in the right place, at the right time. By this you’ll own their wallet without offering discounts. You have proven yourself as the key to their problem.


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