Mobile Video Marketing, which is the latest trend in online advertising, beating the traditional marketing methods and now capturing the world.

A cyber platform for a virtual business video directory is created for the first time in Sri Lanka, as ‘one stop shopping mall’ on the worldwide web. This is the Sri Lanka’s first Virtual 4KUHD Video Advertising E-Commerce platform. The SLWA takes Sri Lankan business ventures to the world.

Why Mobile video marketing strategy needed for Business enterprises in Sri Lanka?

In the next future years, video is set to have the highest growth rate of any mobile application. Sri Lankans are behind world standards and thus becoming losers due to high infrastructure rates, politically demotivated.

Why Local Businesses should take the opportunity?

Local Businesses can advertise their services to improve their sales through SLWA. They can surf SLWA and find various dealers in the same subject and get quotes from them, just like  virtualized ‘Yellow Pages’ directory.

Features of SLWA:

  • Voice Messaging and Appointment Scheduling
  • Host 4K UHD videos as the video standards
  • Video search engine
  • Integrate with social media platforms
  • Video Thumbnail’ appears when searched for client’s trade
  • Uses the latest web technologies like html5, css3, responsive & bootstrapping
  • Ready in Smartphone too
  • Use their own promotions
  • TV or Cinema advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Global promotion

This novel concept is very few in the world and only the first time in Sri Lanka, if at all.

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