In order to strengthen your market position, you need a powerful brand which comes up to the consumers mind.

A powerful logo which will show up on customers’ bodies have high impact when people see it. Like: Harley Davidson, Ironman, Nike and Apple

Also, the strongest brands always connect with the customers on a values level. Eg: Mini-Cooper is for people who want to be perceived as non-conformists, as being a little bit different or unique. But many companies struggle with value alignment with brand differentiator due to unclear-cut call to action and fail to align their true purpose. A brand must understand people’s beliefs and core values to relate people in a meaningful ways.

Rather than staying focused on one specific customer need and value, companies make the mistake of trying to broaden their appeal to many different customer needs and values, thereby diluting what made them unique and special in the first place.

The brand can have many attributes and even have more than one value, but the best brands in the world concentrate it down to the very core. Here are some B2B and B2C examples:

• FedEx delivers when it has to get there on time
• Computers run on Microsoft’s operating system
• Nike wants you to just do it
• Coke invites you to open happiness
• Dove wants to talk about real beauty

If you are not aware about what’s your one thing ask your employees about it, talk to your customers. If your one thing isn’t their one thing, more work on your brand is needed.

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