Make something worth marketing.

Believe it or not, powerful marketing starts at the conception of an idea, at the fruition of your first product. In order to generate a powerful marketing strategy, you need to first create a high-quality product.
2. Bridge the gap between product and customer.
You can’t market something if it doesn’t have a brand. In order to successfully market a product, the brand must speak directly to them and spark an emotional response.

Branding is all about bringing the product closer to your audience and creating a relationship between the two.

Google Posts allows you to post short posts on your Google My Business page, which also appears in your local search and listing of Google Maps. Google says 70 percent of local searchers are looking at multiple companies before deciding which one to tackle and these comments are an influential factor.

Create channels to get the product in your customer’s hands.

The distribution pathways of your product can make or break the success of your marketing strategy. You must put your product in front of the right people on the ideal platform to convert sales.

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