Automation and digital technologies are bringing enormous benefits for many industries by more reach, speed, streamline processes, and by replacing paper based activities. With these exciting innovations, certainly business use digital marketing to compete with others.

If you are a person who use online marketing, the term “Programmatic Advertising” won’t be a wondered for you. It is about the use of technology and data to improve the process of automating the display, and the triggering of your digital advertising. This has leads to sophisticated and targeted campaigns on real-time bidding and data-driven creative without human touch.

The process of programmatic buying is not same as real-time bidding. Purchasing the ads through real-time auctions, even programmatic software allows advertisers to buy ad impressions from specific publisher sites, which has called real-time bidding RTB. “Programmatic direct” is the referred method for buying. This RTB bid stream enable to use people-based programmatic advertising seamlessly.

Further, Cookies play important roles in programmatic advertising since it help to generate customer-centric data which is at the heart of Programmatic. It place a cookie in the users’ browser and the software can target the user better than placing ads manually. In that users can a better chance of displaying ads.

However, in Sri Lankan context programmatic advertising reach more than native advertising due to multiple ad-exchanges integration which is the best answer for campaign awareness and cost optimizer.

Wrapping up, targeting conversions is something good to try out but it’s not recommend to shift the entire budget to programmatic which should be having a good mix to optimize marketing dollars.

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