Why Programmatic Advertising?

Display advertising campaigns have changed a lot since target publishers and placements are not enough. Therefore, you need to target segmentation that will help to increase campaign affinity with your target audience and adjust the ads to fit the user’s interests.

What has changed in the last years?

The answer is data.

The data is an ally to help the media industry create more accurate visualization campaigns. Every online activity we do, we generate data. In addition, we now have more powerful and accessible DMPs that allow us to save and create more value from such data and exploit them with programmatic advertising.

Here are 5 ways to get better results with programmatic advertising.

1. Forget places and publishers: target real users as targets

2. Compare the user’s interests with their performance data.

3- Mix the data with external data.

4. Use your data in multiple publishers and networks

5. Match the interest of users with specific announcements

Why programmatic ad buying?

Through programmatic ad buying, such as the Google Ads Display Network, you can get impressions relevant to your program campaign goals that only interest users when they are in the right place.

The purchase of programmatic announcements also allows you to:

  • have a frequency limit between publishers for your campaign;
  • search for an audience in the entire inventory instead of just one editor;
  • Really optimize the planned purchase of your ads with data and volume so you can make smart marketing decisions.

Let’s start  programmatic ad campaign?

In summary, if the data is the fuel for your programmatic advertising campaign, you need to know how to feed the purchasing strategy of programmatic ads and paid media to get the maximum possible benefit for your brands and products.

These old mistakes have led many advertisers to reduce their multimedia investments on display, but this decision has only increased the barrier to creating brand awareness in a fragmented ecosystem. In this fragmented online space, only with DMP can you create an interest group to communicate effectively with your users again.

Through the purchase of programmatic advertising, such as the Google Ads Display Network, you can obtain relevant impressions for the objectives of your programmatic campaign, only when the user is in the correct position.

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