Social media networks Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are much more than simply linking to industry sites. This makes for an equity stream in 2019. There are, of course, many patterns and strategies that can help you find success. Let’s look at some of them in order to promote a business or a name in social networks.

Video Killed the Social Media Post

Creating articles is a thing of the past, now we have clips that provide an interactive way to share thoughts, knowledge and experiences with viewers. Facebook Live updates are the key ways that marketers can connect with their fans. Audiences engage with live content 6 times more than typical video uploads. Live updates are also posted on the websites Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat.     Shooting a video is very simple.Shooting video is simple with camera app, either you can make picture or post it. Live or canned, video is safe fire communication tool. Snapchat clips and most “plot” posts in portrait orientation, while conventional timeline posts are better taken in landscape.

   Moving on from Millennials

While the Millennial generation continues to be a major demographic for companies to target, 2019 marks a big milestone as the earliest members of “Generation Z” are now coming of age and entering the workforce. These generation growing up with laptops and tablets, social media and instant access to information. Therefore, to reach more than 800 million active users under age 35 – can bring these customers to your business.completely new platform could emerge as leader in 2019, just as Snapchat did not do it long ago and Instagram before. The only certainty is that the way that people and brands use social networks is constantly changing. The brands that succeed in this changing landscape are those that change with it. Do not end up like MySpace or Google Plus and you’ll find yourself in the dust.

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