10+ Examples of Responsive Websites That Got It Right

10+ Examples of Responsive Websites That Got It Right

How do you make sure any browser and computer on your website looks good? Look at those innovative web templates and you’ll figure out how to do it.
There’s a long list of criteria and standards you will follow while developing a new website. These days that is just the essence of web design. And responsive web design remains at the top of the list. Thankfully, high-quality WordPress themes like BeTheme render figuring out all the technical specifications you’re required to follow — like functional design — crazy simple. But, why is this so important? Okay, for example, according to StatCounter numbers, more than half of all website traffic happens on the smartphone.

Although the laptop has been enjoying a strong fight for a few years, web has emerged as the winner. Given how much more easy it is to navigate the internet from the palm of one’s hand, it will continue to do so.
Google has already made it clear that it rewards responsive web templates and mobile-friendly websites with higher search results and no running from it now.

Responsive web design is a must.

Only bear in mind that implementing strong web app guidelines doesn’t mean you ‘re forgetting desktop customers. You will build more stunning and effective web pages for all users by prioritizing the mobile experience. Let’s take a look at those examples of how to do it well.

Responsive web designs that encourage leaner desktop experiences

Only because when building for mobile users you have more room to deal with doesn’t mean you need to make the most of any pixel.Indeed, with Internet-enabled computers growing smaller in scale, many designers are inspired to create leaner and more powerful mobile experiences. For example , take the designer / developer web site Rob Grabowski. His website appears on a computer device thus:

10+ Examples of Responsive Websites That Got It Right

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