Not every logo design is a time test. Every classic logo has a hundred years of age that is less than graceful, and even the best designs can start looking a little bit past it after a while.


If the development of a logo is past its prime–or if it no longer accurately reflects the personality of a company–then it can often be tempting to remove it and start anew. This is always a good way to attract attention to a product–not always the kind of publicity you need, to be honest–but it also runs the risk of alienating loyal customers who have grown comfortable with the new logo design.


01. Change the palette


Color and color philosophy play a vital role in the development of a successful logo; each color has its own connotations and a well-chosen palette will reflect the essence of a product and speak directly to its core market.


02. Lose the text


Having an instantly recognizable brand identity is a marketing dream, but it can also be a little bit of a millstone around the neck of a company. Once the logo is well known, it’s almost impossible to change. One choice, however, is to use that popularity to your favor, focus entirely on your well-known icon, and get rid of the text altogether.


03. Switch the font


While the basic rules of architecture rarely change, trends and fashions just keep moving, and this is particularly noticeable when it comes to typography. There’s a slow but steady shift back and forth between serifs and sans serifs, so while at one point a serif wordmark makes a brand look confident and professional, give it a few years and it just looks stuffy and out of reach.

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