Dematagoda Junction

Description (Sq.ft)  6 Months (LKR)  12 Months (LKR)
Dematagoda – Baseline (Prime Location)

Size: 20 x 30 Feet (Includes print cost)

600 460,000 930,000
Municipal Tax (400 per Sq Ft) 120,000 240,000
TOTAL  (LKR) 580,000. 00 1,170,000. 00
Electricity (Optional) for illumination in the night. 6 pm – 12 pm 6,500/month 6,500/month

Dematagoda Junction – 20 x 30 feet. (Seen from the fly over for a long distance when moving out of Colombo)

Geo Location: 6.940251, 79.878514

Prime Location. One of the busiest Junctions in Colombo, Heavily congested, high traffic area due to construction of the new Kelani Bridge and the highway intersect. On the main route to enter the Airport highway, Kandy road and Negombo Road. Location can be seen from over 500 m, from above the Dematagoda flyover.  

Description: Billboard size 20 x 30 feet / 6.096 x 9.144 meters

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