Packaging and Label Design

Work Flow

Pay ➤➤ Invoice ➤➤ Coordinate via email/ whatsapp/ viber/ call ➤➤ Gather Request with client via above channel ➤➤ Assign to Designer ➤➤ Sharing the visual of the Artwork ➤➤ Coordinate with assign Designer with client ➤➤ Generate final output

What is packaging designing?

Packaging design involves the design and creation of a product’s container and how it looks to consumers who might purchase it.

What are the 3 types of packaging?

Types of Packaging. There are three major types of paper packaging: corrugated boxes, box board or paperboard cartons, and paper bags and sacks. Corrugated Boxes: Corrugated boxes are commonly used to carry heavier products such as appliances, electronic goods, wine, fruit and vegetables

Is packaging design important?

Why Packaging Design Is Just As Important As Your Product. … Information: Utilize your packaging so that it communicates all the relevant information about your product. Make it so the consumer can find out everything they need to know before they buy the product.

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