Brochures is the best way to describe about your business. When you want to say more detailed about your services, use it as a menu to connect with customers. Simply follow below steps to create a brochure that makes you proud. Before starting To create a unique brochure, you will need content, where you have these essential in hands: Logo: Have a logo with a maximum resolution so that looks well print Images: Get some photos of your products and services; or even a photo in your team. Once again, make sure they are in high quality Copy (text): To make the message as importantly, write what you want to say in advance way. Include these as basic concepts:

  • Introduction / About us: To say more about who you are and what you defend: try to focus on few key messages with your reliable service
  • Product / Service information: Write on what offers
  • Contact details: Write on how to get in touch with customers and include the working hours

Creating your brochure

After preparing the draft, you will be ready to create your brochure.

  1. Choose your format

Think on which fold option will be work for you; whether it is bi-fold, tri-fold, or Z-fold. If you have large amount of detailed information, the tri-fold could be a good option.  Bi-fold is an good option if you want to have prominent images. There are many professional design templates available which can be filter by your industry. For next step, upload your logo. Also, stick to one or two main colors for a greater look.

  1. Select a design template

There are many professional design templates are available. Filter it by your business industry and upload your logo to find a corresponding color palette with one or two main colors.

  1.     Design your content

Now start by adding content, modifying it as you go. Use titles to divide text and ideally to use one or two fonts to make it easier.

  1. Choose your paper and finish

Lastly, choose the paper that fits the style of your brochure. The menus should be robust if you going to use multiple times, the brightness works well for bright colors and large photos.

Making your brochure work for you

It’ll be exciting once it come in print. Now, you can display them at well-chosen locations to attract potential customers. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find your brochure is one of your proudest and most versatile marketing materials out of all marketing materials.  

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