Available Hoarding Sites

Work Flow

Pay 50% ➤➤ Coordinate via email/ whatsapp/ viber/ call ➤➤ Gather Request with client via above channel ➤➤ Assign to Designer ➤➤ Sharing the visual of the Artwork ➤➤ Coordinate with assign Designer with client ➤➤ Generate final output➤➤
Balance Payment

What is Hoarding Boards ?

A hoarding is a very large board at the side of a road or on the side of a building, which is used for displaying advertisements and posters.

What is protective hoarding?

Ground Control ensures the protection of streets and pedestrians with “site protective hoarding”. This type of fencing removes the pedestrians from danger when there are construction works and prevents damage to cars and street equipment like benches, bins and bus stops.

Are there different types of hoarders?

The Different Types of Hoarding Disorders. … The main types of hoarding disorders include collectors, researchers, non-wasters, animal hoarders, over-sentimental hoarders, and typical hoarders.

Does hoarding need planning permission?

Any graphics placed upon a hoarding wall will only benefit from deemed consent if they are for construction sites. Advertisements on hoardings for residential sites always require consent.

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