E-Commerce Web Development in Sri Lanka

The way we work, trade and do business has changed in many ways since it started. Let’s look into the past and future of e-commerce.

What is Ecommerce?

The purchasing and sale of goods (or services) on the Internet is e-commerce (or electronic commerce). It includes a wide range, including mobile shopping and online payment encryption, of data, systems and instruments for online buyers and sellers.

Many e-commerce firms run online marketing and sales operations through the e-commerce shop and/or e-commerce network, and monitor the logistics and compliance of businesses.

Let us take a look at its history, development and effect on industry to get a complete understanding of ecommerce. We will also address some ecommerce benefits and drawbacks as well as potential projections.

Types of Ecommerce

There are usually six major e-commerce models in which companies can be classified into:

  • B2C
  • B2B
  • C2C
  • C2B
  • B2A
  • C2A
    Let’s take a closer look at any form of electronic trade.

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