For logo design, in a very small space, you’re telling a story,” says designer Dylan Todd. “Talk about what you’re trying to say and find the best way to break that down, whether it’s by graphics or style.” Learning the nature of the logo can help you get rid of bad ideas so you can make a big statement in that little room.

What makes a great logo?

A professional logo needs to reflect a company’s mission, values, and spirit. Asking about these things should be an early part of a designer’s process when creating a custom logo. Getting to know the client or company is the first step toward creating the perfect logo for them.

How vectors make scaling easy.

Logos have to look good when scaled up, scaled down, or reproduced on a variety of surfaces like business cards, letterhead, company cars. They need to work in color, black and white, and gray scale. Vectors are a helpful tool for scaling to meet these different needs.

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