Easy Yet Valuable Design Tips for Social Media Graphic Design

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Starting from the early culture of humans , human beings are, by their definition and instinct, visual creatures.

About 30 per cent of cortex neurons in the human brain are responsible for vision communication, although just 8 per cent for touch and just 3 per cent for hearing. Perhaps, scientifically, you can understand the extent to which pictures and graphics cater to human eyes.

That’s why graphics now play a critical part in web marketing. When you need to market a goods or service, you need to advertise it. How do you share? Value added to the content. So how is that? Mainly by means of attractive visuals. Since the days are gone where people used to swipe and read lengthy paragraphs. So if your content still doesn’t have visual elements, you ‘re likely to miss out on a bunch of potential customers and the opportunities that follow.

They can not disregard the increase of social media as well. Nowadays, our personal and private lives are incomplete without Instagram , Twitter, LinkedIn , Pinterest, Love, and the expected others. Social networking marketing is perhaps one of the easiest ways to distribute your marketing material and increase your brand recognition.


Basic graphic design tips


And how are you doing it? Marketing in social media graphic design. Social networking photos are important for your content to hit the highest number of viewers, create awareness, and bring visitors back to your website. What really matters is that you need to prove your ability to create the right social media graphic that appeals strongly to your potential customers.

There are certainly certain criteria and style guidelines for social media graphics that need to be taken into account. We’ve put together ten such easy design tips to create eye-catching social media graphics that are sure to generate a buzz about your brand.

1. Different images for different Social Media Platforms

Each social media platforms have a different set of size resolutions. The size that works fine with Facebook might not work with Twitter.

2. Include your Logo

Each social media platforms have a different set of size resolutions for social media graphic design. A recognizable logo makes it much easier for people to relate and enjoy the graphic. This helps in creating brand engagement.

3. Set a Goal

There should be a set goal for each image you create. Do you want to

Always try to have one goal in mind, and accomplish it. Do not get confused in too

4. A Quintesential Blend of Shapes and Images

There are tools that let you play with texts, shapes, and layers. rotate the letters to fit each

5. Avoid too many Texts

If you’re creating a graphic for social media, limit yourself to one or two liners.

6. Maintain Consistency

If you are posting a graphic to support your tweet, then make sure that the text in the graphic and the tweet are similar. This is important because most people choose to click or not based on image text. To avoid high bounce rates, let them know what they are getting into by clicking it.

7. Be Creative

There is a range of visual contents, so it’s not like you have

  • Top 10 Lists
  • Post Quotations of famous people in an engaging typo and shape
  • Infographics
  • Charts
  • Screenshots with arrows to illustrate a point
  • Captivating Photographs

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