DL Size leaflet

Leaflets and flyers are a perfect way to advertise your company and make it public. The design of the leaflet must be informative (without being cluttered) and eye catching, with immediate impact. While leaflets may seem a small marketing tool, we believe they can have a big impact.

Using concise text content, strong typography, suitable color selection, striking imagery and easy-to – follow layout – we can deliver your message to your target market in a positive way. Good flyer design and good flyer design are vital to any successful commercial promotional drive.

Work Flow

Pay 50% ➤➤ Coordinate via email/ whatsapp/ viber/ call ➤➤ Gather Request with client via above channel ➤➤ Assign to Designer ➤➤ Sharing the visual of the Artwork ➤➤ Coordinate with assign Designer with client ➤➤ Generate final output➤➤
Balance Payment

What is DL Size Leaflet Design Srilanka?

DL stands for dimension lengthwise and is a common size for envelopes and promotional materials such as brochures and flyers. The C Series in the ISO 269 standard defines DL size to be 99mm × 210mm, which is also exactly a third the size of an A4.

What is a DL Size Leaflet Design Srilanka?

leaflet is a small sheet, flat or folded, of printed material meant to provide information or advertisement. A brochure is the same as a leaflet, except it’s likely more extensive and can be several pages long.

What does a leaflet include?

A business leaflet, also called a brochure or flyer, is a marketing tool designed to increase business or promote a business. The amount of information you include in your leaflet is up to you. You might keep it simple by adding a statement about a sale or add pictures, statistics and facts to gain customer interest.

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