5. Interact and engage
People don’t like being talked to robots. Always use personal voice to interact with your clients in one-on-one communications or mass communications through newsletters or social media. Further, engage with your social media followers by contests, referral programs or giveaways. Those things will make sure to create advantage around you.

6. Be part of something big
Embrace and be proud of the bigger values in your brand. Create brand loyalty beyond a simple product can do. Sometimes it may are not directly related to your product, but it can be a part of your authentic brand story.

7. Community build up
Building a community of users beyond your client portfolio will contribute to sharp your product or service. There’s immense power on the community build up. Not only this will enable your clients to connect but also it will exchange knowledge on the topics. Hosting gathering events is one of the best thing you can do. These efforts will create values through relevant content-sharing and by networking opportunities.

8. Making experiences
Go beyond your consideration and execution of customer services which currently you have. Chances are you will receive one-time customer into a repeat loyalty once. Therefore, magical experiences are the core of the business for any brands.
Rinse and repeat

The real value is created not in doing them once, but with repetition. The cohesive brand elements like visual identity, story, communication, content, customer service, etc are need to repeat till it stick in customers’ minds. These highlight will immense to create a brand for your customers from their perspective.

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